A Timeline of the Bush Residency
First Term - January, 2001 - December, 2004

Astrological Data
Actual Events
January through early March, 2001 General praise, effective "charm offensive"

A few sudden and upsetting policy implementations
Converse progressed Sun square natal Venus becomes exact ; transiting Uranus opposite natal Venus;
Transit of Mercury conjunct Uranus in Inaugural Chart
General honeymoon period

Reinstatement of the "gag" rule; bombing of Iraq
Last three weeks of March, especially strong 3/26-3/30/01 Sudden, unexpected policy annoucements that are controversial and engender criticism Inaugural Chart tertiary progressed Mercury conjunct Uranus, sextile from transiting Mars 3/26-3/30/01 Repeal of numerous environmental and consumer protections (arsenic, logging, CO2, ergonomic, etc.); withdrawal from Korean negotiations; withdrawal from Kyoto Protocol during last week in March; each of these brought a backlash of criticism
Last few days of March, first half of April

Second half of April
Unexpected and disturbing events from rebellious and beligerent sources

Great success, optimism
Transiting Uranus square Inaugural Saturn

Progressed Moon conjunct natal Jupiter
US spy plane downed in China

Praise for handling of spy plane incident
All of May through June 10, 2001 Very aggressive policies with some recklessness Transiting Pluto quincunx natal Sun activating progressed Mars square natal Sun Announcement of National Missile Defense Plan and Energy Policy(early May);
speeded up deployment of missile plan (early June)
Last few days of May through July 14, especially strong through much of June, 2001 Unexpected upsets and challenges to the conservative administration from rebellious sources Transiting Uranus square Inaugural Saturn Defection of Senator Jeffords from the Republican Party
Last few days of May and all of June, 2001 Resident seems out of touch, weak, "vacuum at the top", possibility of scandal, loss of prestige and power Tertiary progressed Sun conjunct Neptune in Inaugural Chart Republican loss of Senate weakens Bush; Karl Rove and Paul O'Neill conflict of interest scandals; claims of White House trashing by Clintonites proven false; GAO launches investigation of Cheney energy task force
All of June through late July, 2001 Enormous anger and criticism directed at Administration; possibility of violent demonstrations; aggressive pursuit of radical policies

Significant, possibly violent crisis likely between June 20 and 26
Tertiary progressed Mars square Uranus in the Inaugural Chart

Tertiary progressed Moon conjunct Uranus in Inaugural Chart, square tertiary pr. Mars
Thousands demonstrate against Bush in Europe, some violence, mass mooning; Bush criticized for "trusting" Putin's "soul"; Bush's approval ratings drop; Bush criticized for stance on global warming and missile defense by both allies and Democrats; 100,000 protestors and violence at the G8 meeting in Genoa; Global Community defies Bush and ratifies Kyoto Protocol; Former President Jimmy Carter criticizes Bush; Bush criticized for dropping out of germ warfare treaty

6/22 - 6/25/01 US troops on high alert in Persian Gulf due to terrorist threats
June 25 through July 5, 2001 Bush seems thwarted, frustrated, and unpopular, very difficult period Transit of Saturn square Bush's natal Mars and semisquare his Midheaven, first pass Senate passes Patient Bill of Rights defying Bush veto threats; Republican House opposes Bush energy policies; Bush retreats on oil drilling in Gulf and protected areas; several polls indicate decline; Cheney gets defibrillator/pacemaker amid renewed questions about his health
All July through August 8, 2001 Bush appears weak and dishonest, strong criticism continues

Administration is thwarted and frustrated
Transit of Neptune retrogrades across Bush's Descendant

Inaugural tertiary progressed Ascendant conjunct Saturn
Salvation Army/Bush plan to allow discrimination of gays revealed; New York Times study reveals Bush's dishonesty with Florida absentee ballots

Republican Houseopposes several Bush policies including arsenic policy; Democratic Senate opposes several policies as well; Bush's attempt to overturn Clinton's environmental policies is thwarted; Bush's polls continue to go down
July through September, 2001

Late July through mid-November, 2001

Intense power struggles especially in politics, great polarization evident; feeling of intense battle between opposing forces

Need for discipline and conservation, scarce resources, somber mood in the country

Possible world economic stagnation (late July through May 2002)
Transiting Pluto conjunct US Ascendant

Transiting Saturn conjunct US Descendant

Saturn/Pluto opposition
Campaign Finance Reform power struggle in the House; intense partisan struggle over Bush's Social Securiy privatization plan; stem cell controversy; TERRORISM ASSAULT ON AMERICA

OMB announces there is no surplus outside Social Security and Medicare; economy weak; unemployment sharply increases; talk of recession; loss, bereavement, and devastation in the aftermath of terrorism; increased restrictions and security needs in the aftermath of terrorism;

Global economic stagnation (August); Japanese economy and world markets sink; first global recession in 20 years(November)

Late August through first week of December, 2001 Period of strong criticism of Bush decreases by late August, renewal of popularity and praise Transit of Uranus opposite Bush's Venus, transit of Jupiter conjunct Bush's Sun Bush's approval rating way up after terrorist disaster

Last 11 days of September through mid-December, 2001 Aggressive, over-confident, arrogant, somewhat reckless pursuit of policy; military action likely

Policies ungrounded in reality and practicality, unrealistic and shifting goals, lack of clear vision, confusion (especially during the second half of October); possiblity of scandals

Battle between administration and adversaries
Transit of Pluto quincunx Bush's natal Sun and transit of Jupiter conjunct natal Sun, both activating natal Sun square progressed Mars

Tertiary progressed Inaugural Midheaven conjunct Neptune; Bush's converse progressed Moon conjunct Neptune; Neptune conjunct Bush's Descendant

Inaugural progressed Ascendant opposite Mars (waxes through January)
Bush declares War on Terrorism; US begins bombing Afghanistan on October 7, 2001; aggressive expansion of executive power and curb on civil liberties

Administration gives confusing signals in response to anthrax attack; military campaign fraught with contradictory goals; source of anthrax attacks unclear

Propaganda, psychological, and military war with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden
September 2001 through April 2002 Period of burden, loss, grief, resolution in the face of obstacles and frustration; severe economic problems likely US Sagittarius rising chart converse progressed Sun semisquare natal Saturn (9/01 - 3/16/02)

Saturn remains near US chart Descendant (passes after 4/26)
Devastation and ramifications of terrorist attack become apparent; stock market plunges; huge layoffs in the airline and hotel industries; economic bailout of airline industry necessary; anthrax attacks through the mail
December 2001, after the first week (12/7/01-1/3/02) Frustration, disillusionment, failure of policy; Bush depressed and withdrawn; polls down; beginning of three-month difficult period Progressed Moon square Bush's natal Saturn; transit of Saturn square Bush's Mars and semisquare his Midheaven; Neptune conjunct Bush's Descendant Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Omar escape, as do hundreds of al Qaida fighters and Taliban leaders; Democrats thwart Bush's domestic agenda; Bush's economic stimulus bill fails; American forces mistakenly bomb a convoy of tribal elders, and, a few weeks later, a village, killing close to a hundred; Pakistani/Indian conflict causes Pakistan to remove troops from the Afghani border

Astrological Data
Actual Events
December 17, 2001, through March 17, 2002 General period of frustration, difficulty, and loss for Bush; polls down; problems compounded by confusion and lack of focus, year-long period begins for Bush of unrealistic goals, unclear thinking, especially about the economy; self-deception, dissembling, scandal;

Possible significant health issues for Cheney
Saturn station square Bush's Mars and semisquare Bush's Midheaven; Neptune quincunx Bush's Mars; first pass of year-long Neptune opposition to Bush's Mercury(2/02-1/03) Administration dishonest about war casualties; Mullah Omar escapes again; Congressional Budget Office rates Bush's economic proposals poorly; credible book alleges Bush slowed terrorism investigation for oil; Afghanis free several Taliban leaders; Enron scandal reaches the White House; public thinks Bush is hiding things or lying about Enron; ABA proposes legal rights for terrorists, rebuffing Bush; Judge rejects Bush's USCCR appointment; Bush's stimulus plan is dead; continued dishonesty in war reports; attempt at deliberate disinformation campaign leaked and thwarted; 75% think Bush is lying or hiding something about Enron; Bush's approval drops to 62%; Senate rejects Pickering nomination in major defeat for Bush

January 2002 Opposition and anger toward Bush policies extremely strong; military conflict and tension with foreign nations and/or adversaries

Possibility of surprise upsets and significant crises during second half of month
Inaugural progressed Moon semisquare Mars, intensifying final month of Inaugural progressed Ascendant opposite Mars

Transiting Uranus square Inaugural Saturn
Daschle speaks out against Bush's economic policies; Afghanis angered by numerous bombing mishits; Bush challenged by lawmakers and states over easing of clean air rules; Congress and administration battle over energy documents; Saudis seek US exit; Britain angry over US treatment of prisoners

Enron scandal expands exponentially; GAO sues administration for energy documents; US reporter abducted and threatened by terrorists
January 26 - March 22, 2002

February 8 through February 14, 2002

Aggressive challenges to the administration; conflict and tension with foreign nations and/or adversaries

Potentially significant crisis period related to enemy aggression and/or political crisis; dangerous time, especially 2/11 - 2/14/02

Inaugural tertiary progressed Mars opposition Inaugural Saturn

Tertiary progressed Inaugural Moon opposite tertiary progressed Mars, conjunct natal Saturn; transiting Sun/Uranus conjunction square tertiary Mars, natal Saturn; tertiary progressed Moon in World Trade Center Attack chart squares natal Pluto and Saturn

GAO sues administration over energy documents; France, Russia, and NATO warn Bush; Axis of Evil speech angers allies; Bush's dishonest budget strongly criticized; Britain criticizes Bush's belligerent language; huge anti-US protest in Iran; Judge orders White House to save energy documents; intense criticism of Bush's Kyoto alternative; Violent demonstrations against Bush in Korea; WSJ reporter confirmed dead; Europe seethes at unilateralist Bush; fierce battle in eastern Afghanistan; Europe furious over Bush's steel tariff; opposition grows in Afghanistan; three more countries oppose steel tariffs

Controversy over Afghan civilian victims; Reporter threatened at gunpoint by US soldiers; Anthrax scare in Salt Lake City (2/13); Bomb scare at LA Airport (2/13); Anthrax scare in DC post office (2/13); Heightened terrorist alert for on or around 2/12; Possible murder by terrorists of WSJ reporter announced; US base in Kandahar attacked (2/13 and 2/14)

March through April 2002 Very sudden and surprising events that cause changes/upsets very quickly; new energy comes in suddenly and transforms situation; possible sudden crises during March and April (especially the last 10 days of March) that bring significant difficulties in April; people are aroused;

potential for rebellion and protest; possible impact on media, communications, labor, or transportation systems; wild fluctuations or upset in the Stock Market or other investments possible;

April: administration makes a very aggressive, possible military, response; possibility of strong anger and criticism aimed at the administration; country is very sober and concerned; significant policy failures for the Bush administration; sense of diminishment of world status for US; lack of resources and need for discipline and belt-tightning in US
Transiting Uranus conjunct US Moon and US progressed Sun; transiting Uranus sesquiquadrate US Sun and Bush's Sun; US progressed Moon conjunct progressed Uranus; US progressed Moon conjunct Uranus; Bush's tertiary progressed Ascendant conjunct natal Uranus;

April: Inaugural tertiary progressed Sun square natal Mars; last pass of Saturn over US Descendant; Bush's tertiary progressed Sun square tertiary progressed Saturn
US helicopter shot down in Afghanistan causing many US casualties; Nuclear Posture Review causes worldwide anger and protest; carbomb explodes in Peru just before Bush's visit; Passover Massacre in Israel (3/29) derails peace process and escalates violence; Bush administration in crisis mode over Middle East; return of Chavez potential disaster for Bush Latin American policy; new Osama tape

Ted Koppel/Letterman controversy upsets media; publication of Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Michael Moore's Stupid White Men, and David Brock's Blinded by the Right rapidly become best-sellers; anti-war movement becomes significant; EU retaliates on GOP states for steel tariff; Rolling Thunder tour strengthens dissent; energy data released with numerous deletions, shows no meetings with environmental and consumer groups; Campaign Finance Reform signed into law; Amtrak train derailment in Florida; 2 trains collide in California; mob attacks US Marines in Puerto Rico

Bush makes an aggressive stand on Middle East violence; Bush attempts coup to depose chemical weapons enforcer to pave the way to Iraqi war; Senate rejects ANWR oil drilling; Bush's Mideast policy a failure; Bush mishandles and likely supports failed Venezuela coup; assisted suicide law upheld in Oregon; Canadians furious over friendly fire incident and Bush's reaction; severe drought in Northeast US; Stock Market has worst week since 9/11
May 2002 Sense of events moving rapidly, sudden changes, frequent upsets for the administration;

5/11 -5/17/02, President Bush likely to seem more fully engaged, bold, and assertive with successful initiatives;

5/20 - 5/26/02, feeling of great world stress, possibly following spurt of Middle East violence, global economic problems and scarce resources, intense power struggles
Transiting Uranus station sesquiquadrate Bush's Sun (strong triggers from Jupiter and the Sun 5/14 -5/19); Inaugural Moon semisquare natal Uranus (4/25 -5/10)

Jupiter conjunct US Sun and Bush's Sun (5/10 - 5/17)

transiting Saturn opposite transiting Pluto, final pass (5/20 -5/26)
Mailbox pipebombs found across the Midwest; papers show Enron manipulated California crisis; suicide attack in Israel during Bush's meeting with Sharon; Likud votes to oppose Palestinian state; story breaks that Bush knew of hijacking threat from bin Laden before 9/11 (5/14 -19)

Bush's appointee to Civil Rights Commission approved by Court; Bush announces arms pact with Russia; Bush rakes in $33 million at fundraiser

India and Pakistan on the brink of nuclear war; terrorism alert in New York
Late May through June 2002Continued upsets and stresses for Bush through mid-June; Bush frustrated, unhappy, and somewhat unfocused;

Intensification of power struggles within the administration, between the administration and Congress, and between the administration and foreign adversaries;

second half of June, possible revelations of dishonest dealings and manipulations of those with financial power and possible focus on Church scandal
Transiting Uranus sesquiquadrate Bush's Sun to mid-June; Bush's progressed Moon square progressed Saturn to mid-June; transiting Neptune opposite Bush's Mercury

Transiting Pluto semisquare Inaugural Sun

Transiting Chiron opposite US Jupiter
Bush blunders through Europe; Karen Hughes' departure imminent; violence erupts again in the Middle East; Intelligence failures from 9/11 in the news; Many see manipulation and political calculation in the timing of administration's terrorism announcements; allegations of war crimes in Afghanistan; car bomb explodes at US Consulate in Karachi; series of blunders by administration; Bush's Mideast plan seems out of touch with reality

SC Governor Hodges defies Bush's plutonium order; power struggles grow between Powell and Rumsfeld; Congress subpoenas administration over pollution documents

Bishops pass compromise on sex abuse; massive accounting fraud at Worldcom; corporate scandals bring down Markets

July through mid-September 2002

July through mid-August Bush seems confused, weak, unfocused, dishonest, possible scandals;

Beginning in late July, significant sudden events and upsets cause changes and turmoil for the Bush administration, especially strong between 8/6 and 8/13/02; "My way or the highway" attitude in the administration, possible unilateralist and precipitous actions; possible upsets/disturbances/protests in media, investments, communications, transportation (7/14 to 8/12/02); possible increase in the protest movement, especially the first half of August; possible violence 8/8 - 8/10

Possibility of sudden violent events (e.g.plane crashes) August 19 through 24, 2002; brief fear of terrorism; possibility of very violent battle in Afghanistan, Middle East, or elsewhere

Transiting Saturn semisquare Bush's Ascendant/Mercury/Pluto; transiting Neptune quincunx Bush's Mars; transiting Neptune opposite Bush's Mercury;

tertiary progressed Inaugural Sun conjunct Inaugural Uranus, Inaugural progressed Uranus; transiting Uranus conjunct US Moon; tertiary progressed US Mars square tertiary progressed US Uranus;

transiting Mars opposite transiting Uranus, near US Moon; WTC tertiary progressed Moon conjunct natal Pluto
Bush's past insider trading under scrutiny; Bush speech on corporate corruption seen as weak and ineffective; Cheney faces fraud lawsuit; Bush's unwillingness to reign in corporations causes Market to tumble; growing lack of confidence in Bush; Bush offers no economic leadership; Bush's approval rating drops; Bush economic summit a sham

Stock Market plummets to 4 Year Low; World Com declares bankruptcy; Tony Blair backs out over Iraq; senior US military oppose war with Iraq; train derailment in Maryland; unexpectedly weak economic growth; upsurge of Middle East violence; GOP questions Bush foreign policy; judge orders release of detainee names; administration defies court; Bush promises "regime change" to Iraqi opposition; US arms shipment to Gulf; Britain unlikely to join war with Iraq; Bush initiates spending showdown with Congress; American Air to cut 7,000 jobs; US Air declares bankruptcy; Ames Discount Stores to close, loss of 22,000 jobs; IBM cutting 15,000 jobs; Amtrak halts 20% of train service; Bush threatens International Criminal Court member nations; Saudis threaten to withdraw US funds; Bush claims Hill approval unnecesary for Iraqi War; Cheney aggressively puts forth reasoning for war in Iraq; Rumsfeld says allied support not necessary for war; unexpectedly dim budget forecast; meltdown at World Summit due to US intransigence; assasination attempt on Karzai; Bush's UN speech pushes for preemption

Iraqi opposition takes over Iraq's Berlin Embassy (8/20); CNN broadcasts videos of Al Qaeda bio/chem weapons experiments (8/19 -8/20); Russian helicopter crashes (8/19); Miami airport evacuation (8/21); violent anti-Bush demonstration in Portland (8/22); 12 gunned down in Kashmir (8/24); huge flood creates crisis in China (8/21 - 8/24); violent protests in Johannesburg before Earth Summit (8/24); anti-Bush demonstration in Stockton, California (8/24)
September through October 2002

second half of October through November 4, 2002
Intense power struggles between the administration and adversaries; manipulation and attempts to control

Bush gains some popularity and has some significant successes
Transitng Pluto semisquare Inaugural Sun; transiting Jupiter conjunct Bush's Pluto (9/16 -9/22)

Bush's tertiary progressed Sun square natal Venus; transiting Jupiter sextile natal Moon
Bush and Congress battle over Homeland Security; Democrats reject Bush nominee; contention over secret information; Bush struggles with UN and Saddam over inspections; Bush Doctrine published stating goal of world supremacy; tension between Bush and Germany; Daschle angry at Bush statement; Homeland Security battle continues; Cheney versus the GAO in court; Democrats and Bush battle over veteran benefits; increase in resurgence of Al Qaida terror activity worldwide; Bush's secrecy over North Korea angers Democrats

Bush gets War Resolution from Congress; Bush goes on 2 week campaign tour
November 8 through December 25, 2002 Democrats retain the Senate (11/5)

Strong focus on unilateral undertakings (through 12/10); sudden and transformative events impact the administration; by late November frustrations, setbacks, and difficulties for the administration obscuring and delaying goals; Bush seems weak and ineffective

Significant tension builds between the administration and its allies and adversaries (11/22 to 12/18/02)
Inaugural tertiary progressed MC conjunct natal Uranus; transit of Neptune quincunx Bush's natal Mars; transit of Saturn conjunct natal Mercury in Bush's solar return chart (11/8 -12/25); Inaugural tertiary progressed Sun conjunct Inaugural tertiary progressed Mercury, both square to Inaugural Saturn (11/21 -12/21)

Transiting Pluto (7th house ruler) square Inaugural Venus (1st house ruler
Republican win both houses of Congress; Trent Lott's racially tinged statements cause huge crisis; Lott crisis weakens Bush agenda; support for war weakening; despite White House desire for his ouster, Lott will not step down; Venezuela oil crisis slows war plans; Russia blames Bush for Korean crisis; Security Council rift over Iraq
Astrological Data
Actual Events
Late December 2002 through all of January 2003

(1/10 - 24 very strong)

Potential for very significant crisis/powerful transformative events for Bush administration; sudden upsets; people are aroused and upset; possible terrorist attack during this time including biological or nuclear; dramatic and powerful events will impact Bush administration; possible focus on War on Terrorism; by late January painful experiences due to arrogance, over-extension, and attempted domination

possible US aggression

Bush's progressed Midheaven conjunct natal Uranus, triggered by transiting Pluto opposite natal Uranus; transiting Pluto conjunct Inaugural Moon; transiting Uranus conjunct US Moon; transiting Pluto square World Trade Center Attack chart Sun; Inaugural tertiary progressed Midheaven conjunct tertiary progressed Uranus; Inaugural tertiary progressed Ascendant opposite natal Pluto; Chiron opposite Bush's Sun and US Sun

US tertiary progressed Sun opposite US Mars; US tertiary progressed Mars square US Sun
North Korean crisis escalates precipitously; missile defense results proven falsified; California train wreck; North Korea quits nuclear treaty; Bush's economic plan attacked by economists, governors, and many congressmen; North Korea threatens missile tests; huge anti-war protests in DC and San Francisco; France vows to block Iraq War resolution; Germany rules out support for war; polls indicate support for war waning; Germany and France join in opposition to war
February through May 2003
Continuing sense of crisis, upsets, and struggle for Bush administration; focus on war continues; difficult time for the country; April and May especially intense

Transiting Pluto opposite Bush's natal Uranus/progressed Midheaven; transiting Pluto conjunct Inaugural Moon; transiting Pluto square WTC Sun; US progressed Moon conjunct Mars; beginning of US chart tertiary progressed Saturn opposite US Sun (2/03 -10/03)
North Korean crisis continues, struggle among allies over war in Iraq, Western alliance severely strained, relentless push for Iraq War continues
Late January through February 9, 2003

Late January through February 23, 2003

February 14 through February 21, 2003
Unilateral and aggressive rhetoric; sudden upsets to the status quo; transformative events

Frustrations, setbacks, obstacles, delays for administration; extreme emotional volatility, resentments, upsets, and anger for Bush

Dangerous period; Bush’s sense of power and control expands; potential for violent and sudden events (especially 2/15 - 2/17); anger and harsh rhetoric; transformative and explosive events possible
Transiting Uranus conjunct US progressed Sun, transiting Uranus sesquiquadrate US Sun triggering tertiary progressed mars square US Sun, Inaugural progressed Mercury conjunct Inaugural Uranus peaks (triggered by transiting Pluto through 2/21)

Stationary transit of Saturn semisquare Bush’s Ascendant and square Cheney’s Moon; Bush’s progressed Moon square natal Pluto; transit of Chiron square Bush’s Chiron

Transit of Jupiter conjunct Bush’s Pluto (square progressed Moon); transiting Sun/Uranus conjunction US progressed Sun; transiting Mars/Pluto sextile Inaugural Uranus, conjunct Inaugural Moon, opposite Bush’s natal Uranus/prog MC
Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates in space (2/1); Powell gives compelling UN testimony on Iraq (2/5); North Korea restarts nuclear facility (2/5); North Korea threatens US with preemptive strike; Germany and France offer alternative plan for Iraq

Russia joins France and Germany in support of alternative Iraq plan; NATO resists US plans; Greenspan rejects Bush tax cuts; White House furious at European resistance to war; Austria blocks US troop movement; Senate filibusters Estrada; Bush approval rating down; UN meeting forces restraint on Bush; Millions protest war in Iraq; Turkey makes increasing demands to base US soldiers; Canada out wwithout UN resolution

US to punish German "treachery"; Nato approves aid to Turkey; massive snowstorm paralyzes much of East Coast (2/16 -17); stampede in Chicago nightclub (2/16); massive worldwide demonstrations (2/15 -16) alter political debate; violence at New York demonstration (2/15); North Korea threatens truce breach (2/17); subway fire disaster in South Korea (2/17); Bush puts forth aggressive post-war plan (2/21); US sends forces to the Philippines
Late February through April 10, 2003 Emotional turmoil and upsets for Bush continue, very volatile and tense time for him, especially through 3/12; Ideological and rigid stance of administration causes difficulties, especially with foreign nations; big upsets and sudden, transformative events impact Bush in late March and early April; anger in relations with allies intensifies in late March and early April; possible period of aggression between 3/15 through 4/7; Transit of Chiron square Bush’s Moon (natally conjunct) through 3/12; Inaugural progressed Moon conjunct 9th house Sagittarius South Node; Bush’s converse progressed Moon square natal Uranus; US progressed Moon conjunct natal Mars; transit of Uranus square Inaugural Jupiter Late February through March 12:
Growing conflict between Republicans and Bush; Turkey refuses US troops; US bugging of Security Council members discovered; Kurds vow to kll Turks who cross the border; Russia, France, and Germany won't allow UN resolution for war; increasing isolation of US; loss of Estrada cloture vote a defeat for Bush; nuclear evidence on Iraq proven fake; Bush's press conference ridiculed; Bush's diplomacy failing

March 15 through April 4:
Gulf War II begins (3/19); intense bombing "shock and awe" (3/21 -22); worldwide anti-war protests (3/20 -3/22); US Embassy in Pakistan closes (3/22); Iraq puts up far more resistance than expected; war unexpectedly difficult and beset with problems; military suggests that war could last for months; Senate halves Bush's tax cut; supply lines under attack; war strategy criticized
April 2003 4/1 – 4/7: Events move at a fast pace, likely culmination of most intense military phase of the war

4/8 – 5/1: Difficult, frustrating time for Bush; tensions, surprise upsets, events unfolding rapidly; intense US military phase gives way to confusion, disillusionment, and loss of focus

4/20 – 5/1: Dangerous stalemates and brinkmanship possible; significant crises likely, possibly in Iraq and/or with North Korea; aggressive rhetoric or action from North Korea possible; people upset, agitated, tensions increase for Bush

US progressed Moon conjunct natal Mars (peaks (4/6); Uranus square Inaugural Jupiter (first pass peaks 4/3); tertiary progressed Mercury opposite US Mars (peaks 4/7); Bush converse progressed Moon square natal Uranus (peaks 4/9)

Transiting Saturn semisquare Bush Mercury and Pluto; transiting Uranus quincunx US MC; progressed US Moon square Neptune

Transiting Pluto opposite Bush's progressed MC/natal Uranus conjunction, conjunct Inaugural Moon, opposite Iraqi Moon, all triggered by Mercury station; Mars semisquare Pluto; Saturn transits Bush/Inaugural composite Saturn/Ascendant conjunction
War plan criticized; Post-war plan battle brewing; Battle of Baghdad in preparation; US forces enter Baghdad (4/4); US army takes Baghdad airport (4/3); Battle of Baghdad unfolds (4/5); US troops storm central Baghdad(4/7)

Baghdad falls (4/9); US bomb kills 11 Afghan civilians; Saddam's government collapses (4/9); looting and disorder in Baghdad; Shi'ite leader assassinated; anarchy spreads; Baghdad Library burns and National Museum destroyed; confusion in Baghdad leadership; no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq; US no-win dilemma in Iraq

Sanctions remain despite administration stance, UN wants renewed inspections which Bush opposes; huge demonstration in Baghdad against US occupation; Iraqi Shiites become an unexpected power; North Korea admits to having nuclear weapns and threatens US (4/24); Iraqi pilgrims threaten jihad; ammunition dump explosion in Iraq (4/26); US plans selective blockade of North Korea; Germany and France to create rival to NATO; anti-American protest in Iraq turns violent (4/28); exploding land mine kills US and Afghan soldiers in Afghanistan; US rejects N Korea concessions; second anti-American demonstration in Iraq becomes violent (4/29); grenade attack on US troops (5/1)
May 2003 Potential for major setbacks and problems in Iraq, huge humanitarian crisis possible (health and food issues); great suffering; time of high tension, crisis, and sudden upsets for Bush; angry relations with allies and aggressive rhetoric from the administration continue, especially 5/7-5/9, 5/14 –5/17, and 5/28-5/30; Bush emotionally upset and volatile (5/20 – 6/8) Transiting Saturn squares Sun and Mercury in Gulf War chart; tertiary progressed Gulf War chart MC opposite Saturn; transiting Pluto opposite Bush's progressed MC/natal Uranus conjunction, conjunct Inaugural Moon, opposite Iraqi Moon intensifies; converse progressed Inaugural Mars conjunct Descendant, triggered by Mercury and Mars Administration official admits no WMD; humanitarian disaster looms in Iraq; US struggles with difficulties in Iraq; Kurds and Arabs fight north of Baghdad; possible cholera epidemic in Iraq; Iraq in danger of starvation; no WMD in Iraq; nuclear sites in Iraq looted; 4 terrorist explosions in Saudi Arabia; Iraq self-rule put off indefinitely; terrorists strike Morrocco; gangs of theives threaten Baghdad; suicide bombings in Israel derail the peace process; growing drug problem in Baghdad; Baghdad run by armed gangs; US powerless to fix Iraqi electricity; escalating violence against US soldiers in Iraq; growing accusations of false pretenses justifying war
June 2003 Significant decrease in the level of tension and crisis for the first few days of the month; unrealistic hopes; Bush's peevishness and irritability continues through June 8

Thereafter, over the course of the month, US reputation and prestige falls to a low point; severe economic problems possible; sudden disruptions and setbacks in foreign policy of great magnitude; numerous setbacks, frustrations, problems for the administration; relations with allies very poor; beginning of a period of increasing difficulty through early 2005

6/21 through 6/27: Possibly violent, unexpected, and major events that cause disruptions, grief, and significant changes.
End of Pluto station; Jupiter/Neptune conjunction; Chiron square Bush's Moon

Transiting Saturn square US MC and conjunct US Venus; transiting Uranus quincunx US MC; transiting Saturn quincunx Inaugural Sun; beginning of Saturn crossing US Cancer stellium through June 2005

Transiting Uranus/Mars conjunction quincunx US MC; transiting Saturn square US Venus
Tension between Bush and Chirac at G8 Summit; Middle East meeting brings hope for peace (6/3)

Road map in trouble as Hamas vows to fight; deadly suicide bombing in Kabul; Europe and US feud over war crimes tribunal; violence in the Middle East escalates; US meets growing resistance in Iraq; helicopter and F-16 down in Iraq; Iraq occupation in chaos; Middle East talks deadlocked; US asks Taliban for aid in Afghanistan; Venezuela switches to euros, potentially destabilizing dollar; US losing the peace in Afghanistan

Iraqi oil pipeline explodes; uncontrolled wildfire in Arizona; 2nd Iraqi pipeline explodes; accidental bomb drops on US military exercises in Africa; 6 British soldiers killed in Iraqi Shiite attacks; radiation fears grow in Iraq; explosions near US Embassy in Liberia; 3rd oil pipeline explosion in Iraq; experts question depth of victory due to increased attacks; Baghdad electric lines sabotaged
July 2003 General feeling of malaise in the country, lack of optimism, difficulties in Iraq worsen, military conflict increases; economic problems continue to deepen; after July 20, Bush’s popularity begins to wane Transit of Saturn conjunct US Jupiter, ruler of the chart; transiting Saturn semisquare Bush’s Venus (7/21 to 7/25); Jupiter leaves Bush’s Leo stellium; Bush’s progressed Venus opposite MC begins to wane. guerilla attacks increasing; unemployment at 9-year high; Bush's bullying criticized; Bush criticized for macho remark; more than a dozen attacks per day on troops; military costs in Iraq near 4 Billion a month; Afghanistan becoming narcotics/mafia country; Bush knew Iraq info was false; deficit surpasses 450 Billion; budget woes trickle down; guerilla war acknowledged; Bush's credibility questioned and polls down; US isolated, not getting help with Iraq; Democratic ads accuse Bush of dishonesty
July 11 through mid-September 2003 Bush very, very aggressive and angry; possible military rhetoric, threats, or action; dramatically intensified military confrontation in Iraq and/or elsewhere; very negative reaction from world to US (Bush) bullying and arrogant attitude; painful lessons in humility; popular anger at Bush building; general increase in violence Transiting Mars station opposite Bush's progressed Sun/natal Mars; Chiron opposite Bush's Sun and US Sun; converse progressed Inaugural Moon conjunct Mars; transiting Uranus square Inaugural Jupiter; Bush's tertiary progressed Sun square tertiary progressed Mars; Inaugural tertiary progressed Sun square tertiary progressed Mars Operation Ivy serpent begins; military arrests over 1200 in Iraq, casualties continue; Bush furious over stories of poor troop morale; Shiites rise up in anger; Taliban stepping up attacks in Afghanistan; Liberia explodes in violence; Bush warns Iran and Syria; Saddam's sons killed in US raid; Bush sends troops to Liberia; Saudi official blasts administration; adminstration cool to UN resolution; attacks intensify in Iraq; Bush administration presses for more nuclear weapons; suicide bombing in Indonesia; increasing violence erupts in Iraq; Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad bombed; oil and water pipelines sabotaged in Iraq; Bush criticized for meager response to power outage in NE; Shiite and Sunni clerics form alliance; car bomb hits UN headquarters in Baghdad; suicide bombing in Jerusalem; global resistance to give aid in Iraq without UN mandate and shared authority; EPA air quality cover up after 9/11; 2 car bombs in Bombay; violence escalates in Afghanistan; car bomb in Najaf kills Shiite leader and 124 others
September and through mid-December 2003 Very difficult time for the country and Bush; failed policies; time of great crisis for Bush administration; economy in severe difficulty; presidential prestige at a low point; Bush very angry and aggressive; possible military confrontations; country in period of malaise; painful experiences due to overbearing and arrogant attitude; possible time of great tension between Bush and Powell; great turmoil and civil unrest in Iraq, possible armed rebellion; Cheney weakened and deceptive

9/24 –10/25: possible huge crisis for Bush administration relating to arrogance, abuse of power, and failed policies; Bush's popularity plummets; very damaging scandal; enormous criticism of Bush administration; entire image of adminsitration transformed between 6/1 and 10/13/03, administration extremely fearful and manipulative during this time; shortly after October 25, some aspect of this crisis begins to decrease, criticism more muted, though issue not fully resolved
Transiting Saturn conjunct US Sun and near Bush's Sun; tertiary progressed Saturn opposite US Sun (exact 10/03); Chiron station opposite Bush's and US Sun; transiting Uranus station conjunct US progressed Sun and square Powell/Bush composite Sun/Uranus; transiting Uranus station opposite Iraqi Sun; Neptune station on Cheney's Sun; transiting Pluto square Inaugural Venus Bush goes to UN for help; France and Germany demand more relinquishment of control in Iraq; Shiites reform militia; Bush's approval down to 45%; Bush asks for $87 Billion for Iraq; army extends military duty; Abbas quits as Palestinian Premier; 2 lethal suicide bombings in Israel (9/9/03); car bomb hits US HQ in Iraq; increasing violence, US soldiers kill Iraqi policemen; US economic indicators weak; .a href=http://www.gallup.com/poll/releases/pr030923.asp>Bush's poll ratings continue to fall; Bush's UN speech a fiasco; second bombing outside UN building in Baghdad; Hurricane Isabel shuts down mid-Atlantic region (9/17 to 9/22); anti-American riots in Iraq

UN to reduce operations in Iraq; NBC office in Baghdad bombed; Bush fails to get pledges for troops or funds from foreign leaders, more national guard and reserves may be called; under Bush incomes fall, poverty increases; Justice Dept begins criminal probe of White House; White house faces revolt within the GOP; ex-Iraqi soldiers riot in Baghdad; retaliatory strike of terrorist base deep inside Syria by Israel; Bush's support eroding; blast hits Baghdad hotel, second car blomb in 4 days; violence in Iraq spreads North; Shiite factions clash; car bomb explodes outside of Iraqi Turkish Embassy; Iraq War swells al Qaida's ranks; bomb attack on US convoy in Gaza; Palace parade for Bush canceled; General Boykin's remarks infuriate Muslim world; North Korea rejects Bush's offer; Bush cedes some authority to the UN in Iraq; sharp increase in anti-American violence in Iraq; Kay report says no WMD in Iraq
November 2003 Significant crisis erupts for Bush, unfolding through November, possibly in Iraq; unexpected, treacherous and explosive events cause turmoil, especially after 11/8; administration continues to feel on edge and anxious, but the issues may have shifted somewhat from those of October; the American public feels generally disgruntled and burdened (October and November), with particular difficulties causing woe for some sector of the population between 10/25 and 11/14; greatly increasing violence and anti-American resistance in Iraq; Last pass of Pluto conjunct the Inaugural Moon and opposite Bush's progressed MC/natal Uranus;transiting Uranus station opposite Iraqi Sun/Mercury; transiting Saturn quincunx US Ascendant More violence, less acceptance for Americans in Iraq (new polls); California wildfire causes catastrophic damage; US helipcopter shot down, 15 dead; Senate Democrats to investigate administration; helicoptor shot down in Iraq, 6 dead; car bomb explodes in Saudi Arabia; three explosions hit Baghdad; US warplanes resume bombing Iraq; air assault begins in Afghanistan against Taliban; more Iraqis supporting resistance; bomb at Italian base kills 26; coalition crumbling; US expands offensive in Iraq; synagogue bombs kill 20 in Turkey; 2 US copters collide due to missile attack; 2 blasts rock Istanbul, at least 27 dead; Iraq: US soldiers pummeled with concrete blocks; November the deadliest month in Iraq; Spanish intelligence agents and Japanese diplomats killed in Iraq; Iraq and Afghanistan are worse than we know
December 2003 Bush very volatile and upset; upsets continue for administration; the reckless and irresponsible nature of Bush’s policies becomes more apparent, crisis for Bush continues but more muted; intense violence in Iraq continues, especially through 12/15

Policy successes increase Bush's popularity
Chiron square Bush's Moon; first pass of Pluto on Bush's South Node; Inaugural progressed Ascendant square natal Uranus triggered by Pluto (12/1 to 12/12)

Jupiter station opposite Inaugural Venus, Jupiter station trine US progressed Midheaven
Tough new tactics by US in Iraq; Israel trains US assassination teams; dozens wounded in 2 suicide bombings; US allies angered at exclusion from bidding; one third of new Iraqi soldiers quit; Iraqi protesters oust governor; at least 17 killed in suicide bomb in Iraq (12/14/03); violence increases in Iraq; Commission head says 9/11 could have been prevented; Saddam actually caught by the Kurds; Iraqi pipelines attacked; coordinated massive attack in Iraq

Medicare drug bill signed; Saddam Hussein captured (12/13/03); Mohammar Qaddafi gives up his WMD; Bush's poll ratings improve
Astrological Data
Actual Events
January through May 2004 Country at war; violence in Iraq, and possibly Afghanistan, escalates; Bush very aggressive, very irritable (except January), impatient, reckless; administration goals ill-conceived, not pragmatic, not based in reality; loss of respect for US in international arena; possibility of scandal; economic problems continue; constant upsets and shifting conditions for administration to deal with; extreme tension builds in the country; massive demonstrations and protest are possible; possiblity of domestic violence; Bush's tendency to rash, poorly thought out action, arrogance, and over-extension causes significant problems Transiting Pluto opposite US Mars; Bush's progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars triggered by Jupiter station (April and May); Bush's converse progressed Mars conjunct natal Ascendant, triggered by Pluto (February through April); transiting Neptune square Inaugural Ascendant, quincunx US Sun, and quincunx Bush's Sun; Saturn conjunct US Sun and square US Saturn; Inaugural progressed Ascendant square Uranus; Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node anti-Bush demonstration at King grave in Atlanta; Bush plans a colony on the Moon; thousands of Shiites demonstrate against US policy; 100,000 Shiites demonstrate for elections; head of GAO attacks deficit; big military offensive against al Qaida planned for Pakistan and Afghanistan; massive military operation on Afghan/Pakistani border
January 2004 Bush's increased success and popularity continues through January; growing use of US military and increasing aggression and violence in Iraq; fierce battles possible transiting Pluto opposite US Mars; transiting Uranus square Inaugural Jupiter; converse progressed Moon conjunct Bush's Mars; Bush's progressed Moon square natal Venus, transiting Pluto sextile Bush's natal Venus Mortar attack wounds 35 GI's; helicopter shot down, 9 dead; Iraqis riot for jobs; US soldiers kill Iraqi demonstrators, helicopter down; suicide truck bomb at US coalition HQ; UN will send elections experts to Iraq
February 2004 Possible brief flurry of patriotic or positive feelings from the public; administration attempts to delude or misinform public, attempts to obfuscate facts; dramatic, violent, and difficult events in Iraq, especially through 2/15; despite some optimism in January, issues in Iraq seem very stuck and increasingly problematic; Bush's popularity weakens considerably progressed US Venus square US Sun, transiting Neptune quincunx US Sun; transiting Neptune quincunx Bush's Sun; transiting Uranus square Iraqi Midheaven (exact 2/15); transiting Saturn square Paul Bremer's Sun; Saturn station semisquare Bush's Venus 56 dead in double suicide bombing in Iraq; Bush uses intelligence probe to weaken criticism of false weapons claims; Bush presents his budget; Bush's budget seen as full of deceptions; Tenet defends CIA and claims "no imminent threat"
; Bush goes on Meet the Press; 50 killed in bombing at Iraqi police station; Bush AWOL story gains momentum; 24 killed in Iraqi suicide bombing; General Abizaid's convoy shot at; Senate will investigate Bush's WMD statements; 23 killed in raid on Iraqi police station; White House backs away from job prediction; Kerry and Edwards beat Bush by double digits in poll; Bush buries Pentagon climate crisis report; Bush response to Haiti crisis ineffectual; CBO disputes Bush's budget numbers
March 2004 Administration becomes increasingly out of touch with reality, impractical, ideological, deceptive, dishonest; Bush's approval diminishes through 3/23; events in Iraq become chaotic, possiblity of widespread rebellion, insurgency, and violence; particularly violent and dangerous period, in Iraq and elsewhere, between 3/26 and 3/29/04 Transiting Neptune begins station square Inaugural Ascendant; transiting Uranus opposite Iraqi Ascendant; transiting Saturn station semisquare Bush's Venus; Mars square Uranus 3/26 to 3/29/04 Undisclosed US coup in Haiti; 143 Shiites killed in holiday blasts
; job growth stagnant; Shiites refuse to sign constitution; Bush criticized for campaign ads; support for Bush falls; Bush withheld Medicare estimates; train blasts kill more than 190 in Madrid; sweeping new military operation in Afghanistan; Bush's missteps worry GOP; Spanish socialists oust conservatives, Bush loses ally; new Spanish Prime Minister will pull troops from Iraq, calls it a disaster; Honduras will also pull its troops; bomb destroys Baghdad hotel; ex-Bush anti-terrorism expert claims Bush ignored terrorism pre-9/11; Clarke's testimony damaging to Bush; American bodies dragged through the streets of Fallujah; March reported second deadliest months since war began

Fierce battle with guerillas near Baghdad (3/26); two days of increased violence in Iraq (3/27); rocket attack in Mosel; coup attempt in Congo; protesters swarm outside of Rove's home (3/28); 19 dead, multiple explosions in Uzbek terror attacks (3/28);
April 2004

April 21 through May 4, 2004
US military aggression increases greatly; initial feeling of success (through mid-May); Bush gains some stature as war leader and increased popular support; fierce battles; Bush very aggressive; economy seems to improve; credibility issues continue

Potential for extreme violence; possible civil unrest or terrorism; possible increased violence in Iraq or Afghanistan or elsewhere; increase in accidents, explosions; significant events seem stuck, not moving forward
Transiting Jupiter station square US Uranus; progressed US Moon conjunct Jupiter; transiting Jupiter station conjunct Bush's Mars/progressed Sun; transiting Pluto opposite US Mars

Transiting Mars conjunct US Mars, opposite transiting Pluto, triggered by Mercury station, Venus, and Sun; Mercury station semisquare Uranus
Strong employment growth reported for March; big US military retaliation planned in Fallujah; US tanks deployed against Shiite anti-US demonstration; mounting protests turn deadly across Iraq; Shiite uprising means new front on war; marines seal off Fallujah; Iraqi violence spreads to 6 cities; violence continues to escalate, foreigners kidnapped; US prepares for military showdown with Sadr, April is the deadliest period for US during war; 2 Iraqi cities in crisis; revolts in Iraq deepen crisis; poll shows gains for Bush; Poland and Spain pulling troops from Iraq; durable goods orders up; US economy grows 4.2%

four car bombs in Basra, Iraq (4/21); suicide bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (4/21); building collapses in Illinois tornado (4/21); 2 fuel trains collide in North Korea (4/22); 7 US soldiers, 28 Iraqis killed in day of numerous attacks (4/24); standoff and siege of Fallujah; one million march protesting Bush policies toward women (4/25); blast in Baghdad, 3 humvees set on fire (4/26); US warplanes hit Fallujah (4/27); car bomb kills 8 marines
May 2004 US military aggression continues, battles with fierce enemy (dissipates somewhat after 5/23); first half of the month brings some successes; Bush popularity may improve through May 23; potential for Bush to be reckless and aggressive; economy seems stronger; administration begins to get very anxious around mid to late May; by late May things turning very sour, criticism grows; possiblity of significant US civil unrest and protest through the month Transiting Pluto opposite US Mars (weakens after 5/23); US progressed Moon conjunct natal Jupiter (through mid-May); Inaugural progressed Moon semisquare natal Pluto (begins mid-May); transiting Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node (begins mid-May); Huge scandal erupts over abuse of Iraqi prisoners; US hostage Hamill escapes from Iraqis; prison abuse scandal widens, Bush goes on Arab TV; major attacks against Shiite insurgents begin; US forces move into Najaf; job gowth strong in April; Red Cross finds US detention practices illegal; US captive beheaded by al Qaida; fighting in holy cities Najaf and Karbala increases; head of Iraqi Governing Council killed; sarin nerve agent bomb explodes in Iraq; Italians forced to evacuate base in Nasiriyah; prison abuse scandal escalates, Rumsfeld implicated; US helicopter fires on Iraqi wedding, killing over 40; ceasefire agreement reached with Sadr; Chalabi working with Iran to give false pre-war WMD information; militants attack in Saudi oil area, take hostages
June 2004

Very difficult time for administration and country; defeat, policy failures and major compromises; grave problems; great criticism directed at Bush and the administration; administration bumbling, deceitful; scandals highlighted; American prestige at a low point; disastrous results of Bush's reckless policies increasingly apparent; Bush poll numbers reach new lows; allies not supportive; instability in Iraq intensifies through August.
transiting Saturn conjunct US Sun and square US Saturn; transiting Saturn conjunct Bush's Sun; transiting Saturn conjunct Inaugural Node; transiting Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node; transiting Saturn opposite Rove's Venus; transiting Neptune square Inaugural Ascendant CIA Director George Tenet resigns; US faces payback from UN on Iraq resolution; 500,000 protest Bush in Rome; Pope criticizes Bush during visit to Vatican; former President Ronald Reagan dies, nation mourns; US makes significant concessions to get UN resolution; two car bombs in Iraq kill 14; incendiary administration memos justify torture; Bush fails to win forgiveness of Iraqi debt and NATO involvement for Iraq at G8; allies have lost all trust in Bush; 4 star general to lead Abu Ghraib investigation, implicating far higher up chain of command; Brahimi quits as UN envoy to Iraq; al Qaida kidnaps an American; suicide bomb in Iraq kills 12, 2 members of interim government assassinated in a week; prison abuse approved at "the highest levels" of the administration; convoy of foreign contractors hit by truck bomb; northern Iraqi oil pipeline explodes; 9/11 panel finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida; group of military commanders and former diplomats criticizes Bush; US hostage beheaded by al Qaida; American worker (June 18) and Korean worker (June 22) beheaded by terrorists in Iraq; Bush asserts al Qaida-Iraq connection despite 9/11 panel's findings; several nations oppose exempting US from International Court; Baghdad car bomb kills 35; Bush administration's mistakes in Iraq loom large; Kurds advancing to reclaim land from Arabs; Bush's support for war slipping; insurgents launch attacks across Iraq; Bush fails to get war crimes immunity for US troops; 3 Turkish workers kidnapped in Iraq; US furtively hands over authority to the Iraqi Interim Government 2 days early; administration's policy on detainees reined in by Supreme Court; Fahrenheit 9/11 a huge hit
July 2004 Bush and country feeling confused and lost, lack of clear goals, disillusionment, loss, difficulty regrouping; Bush depressed and upset; Bush's popularity way down; past and current attempts by the administration to delude or deceive the public become increasingly apparent; administration appears inept; significant criticism of and difficulties for Rumsfeld in first half of month; instability in Iraq intensifies through August Transiting Neptune square Inaugural Ascendant, quincunx US Sun, quincunx Bush's Sun; transiting Saturn square Bush's Moon, Chiron, Jupiter; transiting Saturn conjunct Rumsfeld's Sun Bush criticized for attempt to mobilize churches politically; job growth slows sharply in June; violent Iraqi insurgency continues despite handover of power; economic data show soft spot; Iraqi insurgency far larger than previously thought; Senate report: key assertions of Iraq war were wrong, blames intelligence agencies; Pentagon hardliners sought to sideline CIA; CIA skewed Iraq reporting; Florida election duplicity discovered; Bush looks into postponing elections; adding Edwards boosts Kerry ticket; Bush defends war and says US is safer; two devastating car bombs in Iraq in two days; US struggles to sustain coalition; Bush refuses to talk to NAACP; Rumsfeld forced to a low profile; long guerilla war feared in Iraq; Philippines withdraws from Iraq after threat; housing starts tumble; war funds dwindling; fewer army recruits lined up; stock market losing streak; wave of violence across Iraq kills over 100; oil prices hit new highs
August through November 2004 Any last vestige of Bush’s popular support begins to slip; Bush becomes more alienated and disliked; frustration, obstacles, and loss for the administration; Bush seems stiff and uncomfortable in public, irritable, weak, and ineffective; Bush's popularity plummets from late September on Bush's progressed Venus square natal Saturn (7/04-7/05); Bush's converse progressed Venus semisquare natal Saturn (5/04-2/05); transiting Saturn conjunct Bush's natal Saturn (9/24/04 - 12/7/04 station); transiting Saturn square Bush's Midheaven; transiting Saturn conjunct nadir of Inaugural chart (9/18-12/16); transiting Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node (12/6/03 - 11/2/04); transiting Neptune quincunx Bush's Sun (2/04 - 12/04)

August 2004 Aggressive and controversial moves from Bush during the first week of August; scandals, weakness, ineptitude, dishonesty surround the administration; Bush's popularity continues to erode; significant violence, possible terrorism, accidents, upsets 8/16 - 8/18, including in Iraq and at the Olympics; significant turmoil, rebellion, and violence in Iraq most of the month, through the 27th. Jupiter/Pluto opposition squares Bush's Uranus, aspects Inaugural Uranus first week of August; transiting Neptune quincunx Bush's Sun and US Sun; transiting Uranus opposite Iraqi Ascendant (July and August); transiting Mars/Mercury conjunct Iraqi Ascendant and opposite transiting Uranus 8/16 - 8/18/04 First week of August: US troops surround Sadr’s house, US issues terror alert and puts NYC and Washington on Orange alert status, and Bush announces big plan to follow 9/11 Commission recommendations; big terror alert based on 3 year old information; 2 month old US truce with Sadr ends, clashes begin (8/5); job growth fizzles; outing of al Qaida mole a huge blunder; prison riot at Abu Ghraibsaboteurs attack 20 oil pipelines in Iraq; number of poor and uninsured rise; supporters of Sistani fired upon, 20 dead; prison abuse investigation goes all the way up, between the lines; US economy growing at a slower rate than expected; US held at bay in Western Iraq by militias; Israeli spy in DOD; 500,000 protest Bush in NYC on eve of GOP Convention; American defense contractor office bombed in Kabul; truce reached with Sadr forces (8/27) in Najaf holds; simultaneous suicide bombs in Israel
September 2004 Severe difficulties may develop relating to currency, trade or other economic issues; pessimistic mood pervades the country; Bush's reckless and ill-conceived policies are blamed; by late September, Bush is increasingly seen as a failure and criticized; fierce battles with enemies, domestic upsets, possible violence, especially

increase worldwide in violent events, destructive weather, explosions, 9/7 to 9/14
Transiting Saturn conjunct US Mercury, square Bush's Midheaven, and semisquare Bush's Mars; transiting Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node; Pluto turns direct waxing in opposition US Mars, transiting Mars/Pluto square 9/7 - 9/10. Vietnam Vets furious over GOP purple heart bandaids; hostage seige in Russian school over, with over 300 casualties; Medicare premiums rise 17.5 %; suicide bomb kills 17 in worst of several attacks in Iraq; US injuries in August are highest in war; car bomb kills 7 marines; US military deaths in Iraq reach 1000; real unemployment rate is 6.4%; allegations of signifcant drug use in new Kitty Kelly Bush book; US concedes rebels control regions in Iraq; new Bush AWOL revelations; book says Bush officials warned of prisoner abuse; National Intelligence Estimate very pessimistic about Iraq's future; Kerry's criticism of Bush increasingly aggressive; Bush's UN speech poorly received; kidnappings in Iraq on the increase; orders of durable goods drop unexpectedly; crude oil hits $50 per barrel; CIA pessimistic about Iraq; three car bombs in Baghdad kill dozens

suicide attack in Jakarta, killing 8, wounding 150 (9/9); large explosions shake Baghdad (9/11); new spasm of violence sweeps Iraq, 110 casualties (9/12); huge, mushroom cloud explosion rocks North Korea (9/12); suicide bomb kills 47 and injures 114 in Baghdad (9/14); Hurricane Ivan barrels across the Caribbean(9/12 - 15)
October 2004 Bush administration defined by failures, polls continue to plummet; dislike for Bush grows; failed policies pervasive; pessimistic and agitated mood in the country; Bush is stiff and withdrawn; considerable instability and violence in Iraq continues

John Kerry's popularity and support grows considerably
Transiting Saturn conjunct Inaugural IC; transiting Saturn station conjunct Bush's Saturn triggering the square to Bush's progressed Venus; transiting Saturn station quincunx US Moon; transiting Saturn square Bush/Cheney composite Sun; transiting Pluto conjunct Bush's South Node; transiting Pluto opposite US Mars

Transit of Uranus trine Kerry's Venus (9/1 - 12/25/04), progressed Moon sextile Kerry's Venus, converse progressed Midheaven square Kerry's Venus (8/04 - 8/05); Kerry's progressed Midheaven trine Pluto/Node
President told of likely insurgency before the war; John Kerry resoundingly beats Bush in first debate; fierce battle to retake Samarra; report claims Saddam threat was waning; reconstruction falling short; book says France was ready to send troops; job growth weaker than expected; terrorist attack aimed at Israeli tourists in Egypt; report says no weapons or weapons programs found in Iraq; 650 foreign affairs experts condemn US policy; Bush's approval rate slipping; insurgents penetrate Green Zone; Kerry considered winner of all three debates; entire platoon refuses mission; US intensifies assault on Fallujah; Dow hits year's low as oil hits record high; Iraqi religious leaders more popular than US-backed government; CARE official abducted in Iraq; 49 Iraqi soldiers massacred; huge cache of explosives stolen in Iraq; in coming battle for Fallujah, insurgents may use chemical weapons; deadliest violence in 6 months in Iraq; a healthy bin Laden returns on the scene
November and December 2004 Late October through November 25, possibility of fierce battles, either political and/or military, vicious acts, civil unrest and anger, with November 20 especially intense; Bush under increasing pressure and difficulty from November 8 through December 7, with frustrations, delays, problems likely; country in the grip of exaggerated expectations, illusion and disillusionment, not able to see clearly (through 12/15); Bush administration increasingly colored by scandal and dishonesty from late November through January 2005; Bush seen as out of touch with reality, especially strong in December; Bush increasingly aggressive and irritable in later November through December 14; economic issues continue, especially over trade and currency; painful events increasingly impact Americans from mid-Decmeber through mid-January 2005 (note especially 12/22- 12/25, 12/30-12/31, 1/3-15/05) Last pass of Pluto opposite US Mars; transiting Saturn conjunct Inaugural IC; transiting Saturn station conjunct Bush's Saturn triggering the square to Bush's progressed Venus; transiting Saturn station quincunx US Moon; Neptune quincunx US Sun and Bush's Sun; transiting Pluto sesquiquadrate Bush's Ascendant triggering converse progressed Mars conjunct Bush's Ascendant; Saturn conjunct US Mercury BUSH WINS the ELECTION, Democrats in mourning; numerous reports of voting fraud; US military seals off Fallujah, readying assault; state of emergency declared in Iraq; insurgents kill more than 50 across Iraq; aggressive US assault on Fallujah; insurgents fled before attack and are active elsewhere; Fallujah battle backfires on US; Arafat dies; CIA in turmoil due to Bush appointment; fierce resistance in Falujah; uprising in Mosul; rumors of irregularities fuel debate on election; sinking dollar causes concern; Colin Powell quits; dollar plunges to new low; conquered Fallujah in ruins; Kerry urges Democrats to resist Bush assault (11/19-20); violence surges through Iraq (11/20); economic armageddan predicted for US; funding for new nuclear weapons defeated; new US offensive south of Baghdad; US has lost battle for hearts and minds in Moslem world; < a href=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6657943/?GT1=5936>US consulate attacked in Saudi Arabia; huge story of voter fraud exposed; Iran may be interfering with Iraq's elections; Iraqi rebels aided by Syria; classified CIA report says Iraq deteriorating; US forced to abandon hunt for bin Laden; US missile defense fails test>; White House embarrassed by Kerik nomination; Canada refuses to join missile shield plan; loss of US geostrategic influence; 2 suicide bombings in Shiite area kill 62, wound 130; Iraq US base hit by suicide bomber; FBI agents allege abuse in Guantanamo; fighting erupts in Fallujah again; administration war crimes allegations begin to surface; Bush's 2nd term poll numbers unusually low; Bush response to tsunami crisis in Asia weak and stingy